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Historical Scenarios

Time Control Displays for illustration purposes only

Ancient Egypt

Ancient Greece


Island of the Amazons (European)

Lost City of The Amazons (South America)

Native American Postcolumbian Era

Native American Precolumbian Era

Norse Viking 1,000 A.D.

Old West Pioneer

Pirate of the Caribbean



World War II - Europe

World War II - Japan

Gullivers Travels (video link included on page)

Present Day Scenarios

Army Recon




Beach – Sunbathing

Beach – Walking On The Beach

Beautiful Bullies

Bedroom – Rearranging Furniture

Bedroom – Awake & Showering

Bedroom – Awake & Studying

Best Friends Girl

Billionaires Mansion – Staircase Fantasy

Billionaires Mansion – Slumber Party Awake

Billionaires Mansion – Slumber Party Sleeping

Billionaire Encounter

Billionaire The Wakeup Call


Bridal Shower


Brothers Fiance

Car Wash


Cheerleader – Summer Camp


Classroom – Class Project

Classroom – History Class & The Geeky Admirer

Classroom – Volleyball Coach


Country Girl – Farm Girl

Dance Tape Rehearsal



Field Discovery


Homecoming Queen

Hot Bath


Lunch With Friends


Office The Executives Secretary

Out And About

Pizza Party

Private School


Reality Show

Revenge Of The Nerd

Rival Cheerleaders


Science Expedition

Slumber Party

Sorority The Hunt for the Mascot

Sorority Party


The Encounter

The Party

The Trade

The Visit


Volleyball Coach

Wedding Day

Futuristic Scenarios

Alien Exchange Student

Close Encounters

Ecological Disaster

From Earth

Maternity Leave

World Domination