Present-Day Fantasies

Country Girl - Farm Girl

In this fantasy, you are a simple but beautiful, young farmgirl living on your parents' small farm or ranch to help them make it a success. If you are interested in this, you can choose one of the following activities below:

  • Feeding the animals - Feeding the farm animals by day or night. If you choose to feed the livestock; while you are out feeding the livestock, you see several of the dogs surrounding a section of concrete pipe, barking at something they are harassing inside it.

  • Awake or sleeping in your bedroom - You can be awake or sleeping in your bedroom. You have left your window open to let in a cool breeze into your room. You can be doing something while awake or you can sleeping in your bed.

  • Special chore - You agree to help your father with a special chore in which a mysterious pest has been damaging his wheat crop, and he dispatches you to the section of his wheat field where the damage was most recently found in order to capture or kill it. Although he doesn't know what is damaging it, preliminary evidence shows that the pest is no larger than a mouse.

  • Fence Patrol - You will be patrolling the property boundaries for breaks in the fence

  • Gone Swimming - Today is your day off from your chores, and you decide to relax by going skinny-dipping in a local pond.

If you wish to select any of these as one of your scenarios, indicate Farmgirl in the Guestbook, and specify which activity you wish to perform. If you wish to select another scenario, click on the Scenarios button. If you have already selected your two scenarios, please click on the Home button to complete your selections.