Present-Day Fantasies

Cheerleader - Summer Camp

In this fantasy, you are a cheerleader in junior high, high school, college, or the NFL. You have been selected to attend an advanced cheerleader camp for special training. When you get there, you discover that the entire staff is almost exclusively women, except for a nerdy camp assistant hired primarily as a maintenance man or odd-jobs guy that the other counselors don't wish to be bothered with. Being aware of a rule that he's forbidden to have any personal contact with you and the other girls as a condition of his employment, you and the other ladies see an amusing opportunity to tease him at every turn, knowing he can look but never touch any of you. Or can he? If you wish to select this as one of your two scenarios, indicate Cheerleader Summer Camp in the Guestbook. If you wish to select another scenario, click on the Scenarios button. If you have already selected your two scenarios, please click on the Home button to complete your selections.