Present-Day Fantasies

Classroom - History Class & The Geeky Admirer

In this fantasy, you are one of the most attractive and popular girls in school. However, you have also attracted the somewhat less glamorous attentions of a nerdy kid in your history class. Since he's many levels below you on the social ladder at the school, you try not to be too obvious at responding to his attentions since he's frequently teased on account of his geeky appearance, small size, skinny frame, and awkwardly styled dress code (clunky shoes, black framed glasses, pocket protector, white short sleeved short,and pants that don't quite reach his ankles.

It's two weeks until graduation, and one week until the senior prom. You need the geeky nerd to pass your algebra exam, without passing you cannot graduate.

The teacher, whom everyone thinks is going to administer the exam today, suddenly gives the class a choice...postpone the exam until Monday (it's Friday afternoon now) and watch a boring historical film, OR take their exam as scheduled (up to you what the class chooses). The geeky nerd has been missing for three days now, and his classroom seat is still empty.

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