Present-Day Fantasies


Please indicate if you want to be a junior high (age 12 to 15), high school (age 15 to 18), college (age 17 to 25), or a professional cheerleader (age 18 to 30). In this fantasy, you can choose from one of the five following possibilities:

  • Football game - You are a cheerleader for your favorite college or NFL football team. During a big game with your team's most notorious rival, their star quarterback is scoring touchdown after touchdown on your team. However, after the second half, their quarterback mysteriously disappears during the game, giving your team an opportunity to recover the game.

  • Showers - You are a cheerleader who is taking a shower in the newly constructed girls locker room, built on the site of a former government lab which burned to the ground a few years ago after an unfortunate fire in which all lab employees were safely evacuated except for one unfortunate lab assistant whose body was never found or recovered. The building is all new, and features powerful showerheads that deliver a very relaxing shower, but slightly overwhelm the drains, leaving a few inches of water around your ankles as you shower. There is a chesthigh wall separating your stall from the other showers.

  • Nap - It's a few hours before the big game, and you decide to take a short nap before making your way to the stadium. You are sleeping peacefully, unaware of the mysterious presence in the room with you.

  • Cheerleading practice - You and your fellow cheerleaders are having a cheerleading practice in the natural-grass football stadium during the offseason.

  • Cheerleaders' House Party - You and your fellow cheerleaders are meeting at your house for an informal party and to plan next year's activities.

If you wish to select this as one of your two scenarios, indicate Cheerleader in the Guestbook as well as which of the options you want to roleplay from the above list. If you wish to select another scenario, click on the Scenarios button. If you have already selected your two scenarios, please click on the Home button to complete your selections.