Present-Day Fantasies


A married friend of yours asks you to house-sit and babysit her three year old daughter for her for the weekend while she takes an out of town business trip. If you agree to this, she will pay you $1,000 now and $1,000 when she returns. She will then leave. You can then choose one of the following actions to do FIRST:

  • Check on the baby while she is sleeping. You can remain here to continue to watch her, or leave the room to go elsewere.

  • Try out the indoor swimming pool or the jacuzzi.

  • Watch the big screen TV in the living room.

  • Take a shower or bath in the large Greek marble bathroom.

  • Take a nap on the large leather couch in the living room or on the king-size bed in the guest bedroom. You can remain awake or take a nap on the couch.

  • Take a tour of the house, especially to see the elaborate master bedroom.