Welcome to the Online Talent Search Website! Roleplay in the past, present, or future scenarios with us!

Ladies! Would you like to earn up to $50 in exchange for one hour of your time? If so, have we got a deal for you!

We are seeking strong, intelligent, and imaginative ladies to roleplay our scenarios for publication in a coming science fiction book! If you have the imagination and the aptitude to earn easy money for just one hour of your time, please pay attention to the following offer! Here is how it works:

Greetings and welcome to our website. We are genuinely happy to welcome here, and we hope to enlighten you on what our happy online family is all about. Our organization specializes in scouting amateur online actor talent via the internet using Yahoo or MSN/MSN Live Messenger software.

We have a clientele of thousands of online science fiction authors all over the internet from nearly all walks of life, social backgrounds and political persuasions. All of our clients have one thing in common -- a highly competitive need for nonprofessional, online roleplaying talent to assist them in developing storylines for a specific genre of the science fiction community. Without dropping any names or mentioning any specific titles (we are prohibited from doing so by confidentiality agreements we sign with our clients), we help bring non-professional acting talent together with science fiction writers from all over the world. They pay our fee, and in return, we do all the other legwork.

It's very simple. Using this website, you select two fantasy scenarios from our library of EIGHTY ONE (81) scenarios, provide the necessary information, as well as when you can schedule your audition. The audition is conducted by way of your personal computer and that of our evaluator. No travel is ever necessary, and it's all completely confidential. You and the evaluator will spend around one hours per session, with two sessions scheduled in all. The evaluator scores you and notifies you of your grade for your performance. Once your two auditions are completed, we share the record of your audition only with interested clientele. If one of our clients is interested, a contract is drawn up based on the agreed-upon terms between the two parties. All of this is completely legal and completely aboveboard. We conduct an honest business, and would run contrary to our success to cheat anyone at any time, ever.

This means that you pay absolutely nothing up front! That's right! Absolutely no out of pocket expense to you! This website is designed to lay out all the important facts and details upfront, so that you know exactly what you are getting into. Again, there is absolutely no travel, never any cost to you EVER, and absolutely no obligation. It's all part of our full service and convenience to both you and our clients. So please, sit back, relax, and enjoy looking around our website. For more information please email us at dave at

  1. If you are interested, please contact us by clicking on the link below. Upon receiving your submitted form, we review your application. If we approve your application, you will be contacted to have a no-fee, no-pay audition. No travel is required, as the screening, interview, and auditions are conducted online at no cost to you. You are not paid for the initial audition, as we need to determine if you are the right fit for us, and also for you to decide if we are a good fit for you.

  2. If your initial audition is favorably received, we will then make arrangements for a paid session, to be conducted at another date and time agreeable to both parties. Please do not be late for this online session. We will wait a maximum of ten minutes for you to begin your session. Failure to appear for either your audition or paid session and the online meeting is forfeited. You will then have to arrange another meeting time. We may at our option, elect not grant another session if we determine you are not reliable.

  3. Please realize that all of our scenarios contain adult content with strong sexuality involved. If you are uncomfortable with this, please do not proceed any further.

  4. Pay and rates are non-negotiable and posted here. Please do not attempt to renegotiate payment or terms. We do not prepay for sessions at all. We are seeking amateurs only. No professional actors or actresses please.

  5. We are looking for straight or bisexual females 18 and older. We are unable to honor gender-based or sexual orientation based preferences. Part of our preferences require some flexibility on your part. Thank you for your understanding.

  6. Please do not attempt to redirect, rewrite, or renegotiate any of the roles. We are paying you, not the other way around, so it's important that you make the best impression possible. We cannot honor custom requests for the storylines.

  7. We cannot describe the science fiction in advance other than the information already stated here. This is for story quality reasons, and to get the most authentic interaction possible.

  8. Our representative is known as your sponsor, and with the exception of the amount of your pay, makes all other decisions regarding your interaction with us. As our representative, he can cancel, end, or terminate our business relationship for any reason necessary. As we are already getting plenty of audition requests, we are not going to spend excessive time or energy trying to appease “difficult” clients. It's a “buyers” market, and we are the buyers.

  9. If you need to take a break during the session, we will allow up to one 15 minute break in the session, under the condition that time away from the session is made up within that session. The time you make up must equal the time you were away to the next nearest whole minute. For example, if you leave a session for seven minutes and four seconds, we will require that you complete 68 minutes of time in all for the session to be valid.

  10. Regrettably, we are not able to offer lesbian, homosexual, bisexual, crossdresser, pre-op or post-op transsexual male scenarios at this time. Our apologies, but our current market demand we are trying to fill are for straight or bisexual females. We are also not able to honor male-as-female roleplay requests as our clients are requesting a level of authenticity generally not possible with that type of accommodation.

  11. Most of our storylines are for ladies from 14 to 30 years of age. We can accommodate some age-based requests, provided it fits within the storyline. For example, a female who is uncomfortable with roleplaying younger than 18, the storyline can be adjusted to where she is roleplaying as a high school or college level female. However, if the storyline calls for high school age, we have to request that you roleplay as no older than 18, as a high schooler older than 18 is not likely to be plausible, neither is someone in college older than the age of 25. We will accommodate where we can, but please be reasonable. If you are able and willing to be flexible here, we appreciate that. We will not require anyone to roleplay younger than the age of 14. Fourteen is as young as we are willing to go.

  12. For the fastest possible payment, it's recommended that you have either a Paypal or Venmo account. Payment is generally made within 10 business days. If you do not have one of these accounts, and do not wish to create one (creating either account is free with these providers) we also have the option of paying you via a prepaid gift card. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery. For security reasons, we do not offer direct deposit services outside of these two options at this time.

  13. If you have any questions regarding what is listed here, please contact us at We will be happy to answer your questions.


Base Rate

Special Instructions

Basic Roleplay Rate


Payable upon successful completion of audition and regular 60 minute session.

Roleplay image enhancement


If you are particularly attractive, you may, at your option, submit a clear photo of your face along with a full body photo of yourself wearing an attractive outfit. Some examples, by no means a complete list, would include a country girl outfit in a half tee or tank top with cut off shorts, a bikini, cheerleading outfit, lingerie, etc. If you do not consider yourself to be particularly attractive or photogenic, or if you simply want a more secure option, you may submit a face photo and full body photo of any attractive female on the internet. We will honor the same pay rate regardless of your choice. If you need more information on this option, please ask.

Multiple Roles

$5 per additional character, up to three in all, for a total of up to $15.

If you are capable of managing multiple female roles, we will pay up to an extra $5 per additional character, for up to three additional characters. Our requirement here is that each additional character must account for a minimum of 15 percent of the total posts in the roleplay. If the roleplay has a total of 105 message posts in that session, each character must account for at least 16 posts in the total (105 x 15 percent is 15.75, rounded up to 16). Any character not meeting this quota will not be counted, but any that do, we will honor the bonus for.

Any other optional enhancements compatible with the story, please contact us.


Depends on issue – approved on a case by case basis